There are few digital marketing experts that can both instruct and inspire — Michael Barber is one of them. A consummate professional speaker with an innate knack for distilling complex ideas into digestible concepts, Michael’s approachable yet authoritative style keeps attendees engaged, inspired, and thinking outside the box. With a deep knowledge of digital strategy, he’s consistently received excellent reviews. Whether he’s moderating a panel, facilitating a workshop, or delivering a talk, the minute Michael starts speaking, the Digital Summit audience can’t take notes fast enough.
— PAIGE PIRES DE ALMEIDA, Directory of Strategy, TechMedia
I can honestly say that your session was, by far, the best and most insightful session
— Marcie Giovannoni, Conference Attendee
Michael is incredibly talented and extremely knowledgeable about online and digital strategy. He shares his experience with audiences throughout the country and I have had the good fortune of attending his presentations on numerous topics. He is a true thought leader in his field.
Bar none, best preso at #DSP16 this year was by @michaeljbarber ... so much outstanding info.
— Scott Reiland, Conference Attendee
I attended a lecture on mobile website and mobile app marketing that Michael led, and I was completely blown away by his presentation. Certainly Michael understands the technical side, but he knows his marketing too! The lecture was tailored for my group, and we’ve all commented what a great presenter Michael is.
— Ty Robinson, President and COO, Robinson and Associates, Inc.



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About Me

Hi, I'm Michael.

I'm the sum of my parts. In this case, those parts include stops at some of the most admired small to midsize agencies including Mighty Interactive, Sitewire, Nomadic Agency, and COHN; teachers and mentors including Jay Baer, Bret Giles, Scott Kaufmann, and Jay Feitlinger; and the good fortune of watching my Mum and Dad build a multi-million dollar, employee-owned manufacturing company. Along with talented colleagues, I helped build the first location-based text messaging platform for retailers, reshaped the digital strategy of one of the the world's largest CPG companies, and delivered the most efficient title launch in the history of a multinational video game developer and publisher. In January 2015, I founded barber&hewitt. We’re a team of former agency strategists/planners and brand managers that help redefine what marketing strategy means to organizations, build better strategy teams within brands and agencies, and assist those teams as they craft brilliant stories and conversations with people.