Ruminations from Rome: Day 1


For the next couple weeks, I’ll be traveling around Europe, primarily Italy and England. I thought it would be fun to give you all a few quick thoughts with a link to the day’s photos.

Thoughts on the day:

  • The Delta/NW merger was the best thing to happen to Delta in years. Why? NW crews and planes are just plain nicer.
  • 2nd Ave Deli in NYC is awesome.
  • Tammy (the misses) and I have issues anytime we are booked through NYC.
  • Baggage check fees suck. Pack light and small.
  • Hotel Mela in NYC is fantastic. Small boutique hotel, but fantastic customer service.
  • For every 100 angry NYC cabbies, there is 1 awesome one. In our case, it was Hala.
  • If you thought NYC cabbies were crazy, wait till you get a cab in Rome. Oh wait, that is just how everyone drives over here.
  • Romans/Italians are crazy friendly, and will help you if you ask.
  • You can literally walk 100 yards around Rome and there is something fantastic to see.
  • Food here is epic. I think I might be the size of a house by the end ofthis trip.

(more pics from day 1 here and here)